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Yulya m065 No-Nude Sharechan
File: 143937699722.jpg - ( 123.36KB , 1600x1200 , pa280005.jpg )
33984 No. 33984
This thread will contain all the sets I have of Yulya m065, 133 out of 150. Of the sets I don't have, 16 of them are between 78 & 107. The other is a custom. I'll follow this post with 2 more that will contain links. Everything will be up by this evening. This pic is from set 126

>> No. 33985
File: 143937740712.jpg - ( 199.45KB , 1200x1600 , p4160063.jpg )
Here are the 19 sets between 1-26. http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/22OFW5TM/Yulya_m065_1-26_(19_sets).rar_links The 7 sets not included are in the next post. pic is set18

>> No. 33986
File: 143937855448.jpg - ( 744.34KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0092.jpg )
Her are the 7 sets left out of 1-26. These are: 2,3,5,6,8,10,13. Originally, I was missing these. When I got them, I thought it odd that they were so large without being customs. When I was getting this ready, I decided to have these separate. I can't imagine these sets were really this size. They are 50-70Mb, unpacked about 470Mb. If you want them, here's the link http://hugefiles.net/dvjwlj3dxzyw pic set6

>> No. 33995
File: 143939183170.jpg - ( 184.73KB , 1600x1200 , p7240049.jpg )
OK, here's 27-53. http://hugefiles.net/hy7drzawm9le pic is from set 28, very hard to pick the best one from that set

>> No. 34014
File: 143941845351.jpg - ( 349.33KB , 1600x1200 , pc300036.jpg )
Prior to posting 53-76, here's a pic from Xmas party set 69. L-R: m071 Olya, m070 Dasha, y056 Ksenya, m065 Yulya. Last few in the set add: Ksenyas y055 & y057, Dashas m068 & y063, m043 Alexandra, m051 Tatanya, m061 Nadya, m064 Vika & I'm going to say m060 Kristina

>> No. 34015
File: 143941864741.jpg - ( 131.99KB , 1200x1600 , pc020004.jpg )
Here are sets 53-76 http://hugefiles.net/esql9frgmawe pic from set 62

>> No. 34017
File: 143942119694.jpg - ( 151.76KB , 1600x1200 , p5170052.jpg )
Your right about the torrents. The other day, while looking for vids/missing sets I came across a torrent I'd accessed several years ago. It still had my old comment, singing the praises of it. This one was 1.93Gb & it had 124 sets. I've added 9 sets since then, the 7 here>>33986 & 2 more in this bunch. Actually, I just tried downloading it a moment ago & got the 404 page. I don't know if the magnet would work, or maybe from another site. I'd guess a 1.7Gb torrent would be shy a few more sets. For those who will only need the 2 sets, I can post them separately. Here are 15 sets from 77-105: 77,79,80,83-85,88,89,91,94,95,98,101,103,105 http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/OO1MYBRM/Yulya_m065_77-105_(15sets).rar_links pic from 98

>> No. 34021
File: 143943222665.jpg - ( 162.70KB , 1600x1200 , p9230086.jpg )
Here are sets 108-135. http://hugefiles.net/svlo2nyjpmtl The pic is from set 116, which along with 119 were released as customs. These are not the custom versions. If someone actually has them, post them.

>> No. 34023
File: 143943499142.jpg - ( 157.99KB , 1200x1600 , p4240043.jpg )
These are the last sets 136-149. Set 148 has a custom version. This pic is from 143 http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/ZOMUYJQI/Yulya_m065_136-149.rar_links . I'm not holding my breath, but if anyone has any sets not posted please feel free to add them. In addition to the missing # sets, there is also a custom from sep.14.05. Another welcome addition would be regular size versions of these 7sets>>33986 Also any No Logo sets & Custom versions of 116, 119 & 148

>> No. 34901
File: 144028226892.jpg - ( 181.94KB , 1200x1600 , 74 (3).jpg )
Here's some previews of Yulya. Hope they help. There's 110 pics of sets 1-83 (except missing sets). I tried to pick the BEST pics rather than just going with the 1st pic. Multiple pics are used for sets that have an outfit change or if I love the set & couldn't narrow it down to 1 pic.
I'll have previews to 149 up soon.
pic from set 74

>> No. 35009
Hugefiles no Capcha.

>> No. 35082
File: 144042353729.jpg - ( 136.34KB , 1200x1600 , P7280067.jpg )
Yes the captcha comes & goes. Even zippy tosses in an "Are you human?"test now & then.
So I have more previews. That's umm...quite the top! Set 109
These previews are 84-111. There are 38, again some sets were great & so there are more than 1 preview.

>> No. 35084
File: 144042383055.jpg - ( 167.75KB , 1600x1200 , P9030011.jpg )
There was an outfit change in set 109, the last pic posted. This is from the later part.

>> No. 35271
File: 144057674361.jpg - ( 146.90KB , 1600x1200 , p6020083.jpg )
Test post - there's a reason for it but it'd take too long to explain

>> No. 35586
For many years i have wanted gallery m065-029.
Never knew the model's name or what photo set it was but I knew I wanted it. Her outfit is so amazing and until now I did not realize how incredible Yulya(m065) was. Wow!

A huge Thank You for this wonderful delicacy.

>> No. 35717
File: 144102322896.jpg - ( 194.55KB , 1600x1200 , p8100082.jpg )
>>35586 I'm sure happy To have been able to help you out. Was it the 1st batch of previews I posted that convinced you this was the girl?
27-29 are 3 great sets.
Something I love about her, is how versatile she was. Look at the pics in the thread. She can be beautiful & innocent in conservative outfits>>34015, or hot & sexy.
By the way, did you find her videos I posted? I have a Vladmodel video thread & she's in a Hot Secretary video & also a boxing video with Yulya y068 This will make it easy if you haven't found them. Her 1st one is about 12 posts down ../res/33640.html#i33640
I will also post her 2model sets here, as there are several & it would make things more complete. (except for the missing sets).
So watch for the 2mod post later today & hope you get those vids

>> No. 35738
File: 144103586428.jpg - ( 176.57KB , 1600x1200 , p5100032.jpg )
So, as I promised, here are her 2model sets. There were 8, but sadly 2 of them are missing. Most 2model collections only have around 207 sets out of 272 + a few customs. Anyhow here you go http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/0HJRUUGO/Yulya_m065_6x2mod_sets.rar_links
Sets are 139 Yulya & m043 Alexandra, 165+168 Yulya & y056 Ksenya, 173+210 Yulya m065 & Yulya y068, 193 Xmas with Yulya m065, Yulya y068, Alina y095 & Nadya m061
Interestingly, 210 is very much like the early part of the boxing video
Pic from 139

>> No. 35758
Actually I just liked the few pics that were posted being a Vlad Model fan so I just grabbed what you posted.
To my surprise there was Gallery #39. I love the shoes she wears here and she wears them again in a few other sets so I was thrilled to get them all.
And yes she can go from innocence to smoking hot.
Thanks for the notice on the video,always a big fan of Vlad's "Secretary" galleries.
Can you tell me what gallery number the photo underneath the Secretary video is from. It has pink backdrop and she wears a black lace skirt and black heels. I don't seem to have that one.
And thanks again,she is a true model and knows how to pose.

>> No. 35782
File: 144107573713.jpg - ( 261.76KB , 1200x1600 , p5150075.jpg )
I see 39 is the set you meant. The other set from the vid thread is 145. Its a great set &, interestingly enough, its almost like a later version of 028. Both have very similar hot looking outfits. Both feature her with a mirror on a table.
Speaking of her ability to transform herself, did you notice these both are from the same set (109)? >>35082 >>35084
There's a secretary set its 112
This pic is from 2mod 210
So, if I find any other missing items, I'll add them. I'll also be posting more previews (112-149)

>> No. 35852
Three Secretary galleries that really stand out in my mind- Zhenya(y114),Zina(y156) and Katya(y117) that are simply stellar.
Now I have seen Yulya's gallery and video and I add them to this list.
There are dozens of Yulya galleries that are amazing such as 022,033,054,060,130,133,139,143 and 145. (022 and 130 was almost too much to take in)Wow!
Back to secretary galleries if you can think of any other models that really stands out please mention them here. Vlads have been my favorite of all time.
Thanks a million!

>> No. 35927
That set looks cool do you have it?? Or somebody does??? Please share it.:)

>> No. 35962
File: 144127446791.jpg - ( 213.08KB , 1600x1200 , p0000028.jpg )
Gee, with sets would take a while to compile a list I've got close to 250Gb of Vlad. But with vids, maybe I'll make the next one Vika m064 secretary.
I'm thinking you could really use this 2014 Vlad index
Part1 http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/OIW9KYSH/vdex2014.part1.rar_links

part2 http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/1Q8OZP7E/vdex2014.part2.rar_links
PASS is fun&games (big thanks to f&g, I use it every day)
To those who are still downloading only 1 part of multipart movies you MUST download both parts or its not much good
Anyhow, that archive will allow you to see her missing regular sets, custom, & 2model sets. Also the other vids she did, solo or with others. Helluva tool. Ask if you have a question about it. I've pretty much figured it out.
So you got some real nice sets listed. With me, I guess you can go by those sets I've chosen to post a picture of. Also, if you have my preview folders, you'll notice my favorites are those which I couldn't limit it to one pic. In fact a few times I went as high as 4, 5 & 6 pictures for a set. I must get the last bunch finished.
There's something about her, that even in risque clothes & poses, she still didn't get that real "Bad Girl" look. She still retained a certain sweetness even while pretending to beat the crap out of her friend Yulya y068.
Speaking of which, here>>35738 is a link for the boxing set & 5 other of her 2model sets. You can see another one preview pic. I've listed who's with her in these. Now you do have the boxing video those 2 did, Right? If not, check out my Vlad vid thread
Well now I have an excuse to post another pic. I like 112-secr, 110-Vladivostok tour, but she's SO damn adorable in this one

>> No. 35983
File: 14413126809.jpg - ( 180.73KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0061.jpg )
I want to think that almost every model did an " Office Layout " and more than a few wore a secretary outfit . Here's Olga

>> No. 36112
File: 144146453115.jpg - ( 269.94KB , 1200x1600 , 112 (3).jpg )
Yes, the secretary theme was done in several vids & lots of sets. It was a later theme & almost every girl who did enough sets would have done one. Kind of like the earlier days had all the "Hooter Girl sets, Yulya m065 has one, the cheerleader & so on.
Now I have more previews, sets 112-130. Although there's just 19 sets covered, I have about 75 pics. There were so many awesome sets, I had a helluva time narrowing it down to 1 pic per set. http://www69.zippyshare.com/v/UoxBKdJK/file.html

>> No. 36929
File: 144206099414.jpg - ( 175.22KB , 1600x1200 , p2130063.jpg )
Here are the rest of the previews that I promised. As usual, I couldn't restrain myself on a few sets. As a result, there is far more than 1 preview representing several of the sets.
That dress from 135 is awesome beyond words & she is downright beautiful, in this set.

>> No. 36930
File: 144206162769.jpg - ( 172.79KB , 1600x1200 , p5190090.jpg )
Fans of Yulya's secretary video may be experiencing a bit of dejavu while looking at this preview from 147

>> No. 37553
Thanks for the Model index,I found lots to add to my wish list.
Yulya (m053) galleries 16,17,26,38,39,46,47,49,52,56 and the three customs 6,10,21.
All of Katya(m030)
Olya(m071)Galleries 1,6,11,19,22,27,32
Polina(y082) Galleries 1,3 and 4
Anya(y154) Gallery 1
Not asking for much am I? Haa!

I have all of Zina (y156),Katya(y117),Kristina(y158) and most of Sasha(y109) if anyone is interested.
To the OP I forgot one important Yulya gallery to add to some of my faves I listed above- 23 is superb.
Olga(y151) has some of the most amazing legs of any Vlad model. Wow! I have a bunch of her if anyone needs something.
Huge Thanks to the OP,this has been a lot of fun.

>> No. 37554
File: 144253454736.jpg - ( 179.85KB , 1200x1600 , p5240004.jpg )
Hope you don't mind if I put a few pics here just to let others know who some of the models are.
Katya(y117) is smoking hot.
She's in my Top 10 Vlad faves.

>> No. 37555
File: 144253463695.jpg - ( 188.12KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0006.jpg )
Beautiful girl.

>> No. 37556
File: 144253486340.jpg - ( 74.15KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0048.jpg )
Exotic girl with an almost Asian look.

>> No. 37675
She IS what people now call Aisian

>> No. 37710
File: 14426812874.jpg - ( 159.85KB , 1600x1200 , p3240022.jpg )
It seems like your Vlad collection may be in the early stages (mine's 1/4million.Gb) Anyhow, here's something to get the ball rolling for you. Its been kicking around for a while. (I'm not the "my" in My Huge Vlad Collection)
You get 1 video (its up here already) But a lot of your requests are there.
I have everything you're after & much of it is uploaded. You'll save me having to upload a lot of stuff
I'm of the mindset that, in as how as the thread is officially introduced as being exclusive to Yulya m_065
Therefore, I am leaning towards a new thread. It would also result in less confusion; moreover, the contents of the new thread could be announced in the OP.
Thus, I hope to return before long with some of the rare Yulya sets (reg &-or cstm) & videos


>> No. 37740
What do you guys mean "almost Asian look" and "what people now call Aisian"? She IS Asian. She's from a Russian city that is a stones throw from China, Korea, and Japan!

>> No. 37745
Actually Vladivostok is thousands of miles inside Asia, it's on the Sea of Japan and is a Russian Naval base. The city has a huge ethnic mix of Russian, Mongolian, Korean and Chinese. A few of the models are of mixed ethnicity as would be the case with any old cosmopolitan city in Asia like Hong Kong. The seaport is the main distribution point for Japanese products ( mostly automobiles ) going into Russia and is the eastern terminus of the Trans Siberian RR which ships these products into Eastern Europe .

>> No. 37750
Personally,I don't use with the term. The girl is Russian, speaks Russian.
I don't know if this is everywhere, but in my part of the world the media have taken to using the term "Asian" to describe anyone from or descending from, what used to be called the Orient.
Asian is an definitely the wrong term to use in describing such people, since Asia encompasses such a vast area & anyone from there is an Asian (including Yulya), as well as those from the Middle East, Arab countries,India & surrounding countries & of course Russia (maybe more than 50%)
So when I said "What people call..." I didn't mean myself included. The other poster had used it & by using it, I was able to give a reply that was short & sweet.
The comments were regarding her descent/origin

>> No. 37865

Yeah, after I posted I realized that "doh!", Vladivostok is about as far east as you can go in Asia. lol

>> No. 37913
I guess I'm kind of a dummie,don't know how the torrent thing works.
If someone can explain it to me I would appreciate any help. I don't feel right about asking someone to post all my requests below. That is a lot of time and effort to ask of anyone.
By the way a huge thanks again for the great Yulya stuff.

>> No. 37933
open the folder. For the torrent,use either "open", or "open with" & choose utorrent or whatever you have. (assuming you have it already) if not; you can get it with a super easy search & super easy steps, which are very well explained - WAY better than I can do
And you don't Have to use utorrent, you could use numerous others
I'm starting a thread where I'll invite Vlad requests

>> No. 37961

"I don't feel right about asking someone to post all my requests below"

That's what this board is for, so don't feel bad about it. If you ask for a lot and someone delivers, then they enjoy sharing. If you don't get any replies, well that means that people don't have it - and with Vlad, someone always has it lol

>> No. 38051
File: 144308357828.jpg - ( 251.60KB , 1200x1600 , p1010031.jpg )
That stuff is slowly appearing in my new thread.(Vlad requests) ../res/37938.html
This one has run its course. If I find any other vids, besides p2087 & w2091, I'll post them. Likewise customs & any missing sets (regular or 2model)
And the final (hopefully not) picture of Yulya is from set 110, featuring her out & about in that bustling, ethnically diverse, seaport metropolis of Vladivostok

>> No. 38101
File: 144310795561.jpg - ( 23.55KB , 493x191 , thread_of_month_1.jpg )
This thread is the hands-down winner of the most beautiful thread of the month! :)
Thank you for the work you put into this. Excellent preview photos, well-chosen file sharing sites, great descriptions, nicely done!

>> No. 38215
File: 144380403736.jpg - ( 194.73KB , 1200x1600 , p9140101.jpg )
Glad you like it, thanks (Yulya thanks you too)

>> No. 38238
File: 144381742339.jpg - ( 764.01KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0076.jpg )
you're welcome. she's one of my favorite models. :)

>> No. 38249
F&G here. You're welcome, I pop open that index too pretty much every time I'm looking for Vlad girls. Very handy indeed!

But, true props go to whoever took the time to make the thing; so kudos to that dude! :)

>> No. 38302
>>38249 Was composed by Tinnusee at onlyhot. (Hope it's ok to mention that name here) A long time prolific poster there. Has not been heard from for about six months. Do hope he is well.

Good to see you here F&G. I have become a refugee from the other place. Got tired of having to replace posts because of admin incompetence.

>> No. 38312
Looking for Vladmodels Nadya, but the red/darker haired Nadya. Not the blonde.

>> No. 38394
File: 144389505871.jpg - ( 160.57KB , 1200x1600 , 109 (8).jpg )
Good to see you. Quite a coincidence, I just thanked you a few hrs ago, for the 2 Anna y123 vids I got from you a while back.
I referred a couple people to your threads
(hopefully they figured it out, as I had to be rather mysterious about it)

>>38312 Actually, its better to make requests here ../res/37938.html I will be working on that thread a fair bit, so I'll see your requests much sooner. That thread will probably be staying near the front for a while, as I have several things to add to it
I think I know the girl. We'll talk about her in the new thread
Anything for an excuse to post another Yulya pic.
Oh! I found some 1min vid clips of her. 1 goes with set 108. I'm going to see if I can get them

>> No. 42325
File: 144700029116.jpg - ( 170.33KB , 1600x1200 , p4170085.jpg )
I know huge has become a problem with larger files. (over 1Gb) However, if downloading these>>33986>>33995>>34015>>34021 is a problem; let me know. I can re-up it.

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