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Here is Jolien. At least I'm pretty sure that No-Nude Sharechan
File: 144171252645.jpg - ( 138.87KB , 768x1024 , pic080.jpg )
36415 No. 36415
Here is Jolien. At least I'm pretty sure that's her name, although there's a couple sets I've got with other girls that also say "Jolien.org". Anyhow as you can see she's pretty hot.
She does have some acne, mostly on her forehead but she still looks good, In fact despite the amateur look of the pictures, the acne isn't very obvious in most of them.
I've had this 1st set for a few years. I got it in a torrent that only got to 93%, so there's only 50 of 80 pics. Recently I found a few more partial sets.
Here's the link for the 1st set. Sorry I don't have a proper # for it. I got it as 263, but its not. http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/5KQIEHJC/263_Jolien.rar_links

>> No. 36416
File: 144171283076.jpg - ( 134.68KB , 768x1024 , pic031.jpg )
Here's another picture from that 1st set. Removing the red-eye would make it even better

>> No. 36418
File: 144171701541.jpg - ( 131.58KB , 768x1024 , PIC046.jpg )
These next sets came from some torrents I found about a week ago. Unfortunately, none of them finished. They got between 60-80%.
In all these next sets, I'm including a folder with a few cropped pics. Generally about 4 or 5 that, with the removal of the green bar at the bottom, made a half decent picture. If you like them - Great. Add them to the sets. If not, you can delete them.
There's a few from the 1st set, that are in a misc. folder.
Here's a link for 47+48 http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/0LFCATJD/Jolien_47_48.rar_links
pic from 47

>> No. 36419
File: 144171740951.jpg - ( 171.16KB , 768x1024 , PIC021.jpg )
This is from 48. There's 30 pics in 47 (7 of which are in the cropped folder). 48 has 21 pics, 4 are cropped.

>> No. 36420
File: 144171761258.jpg - ( 119.52KB , 768x1024 , PIC030.jpg )
You may have been wondering what she was doing with that spray can in the last pic

>> No. 36421
File: 144171794873.jpg - ( 181.01KB , 1017x671 , PIC032.jpg )
This is 53 & 65 http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/3GRSGSMW/Jolien_53_65.rar_links
65 (pictured) has 16 pics (3cropped). 53 has 60, 5 of which are cropped

>> No. 36422
File: 14417180747.jpg - ( 93.25KB , 1024x768 , PIC111.jpg )
From 53, looks like it was a long set. #s go to 113

>> No. 36423
File: 144171834626.jpg - ( 122.53KB , 768x1024 , PIC034.jpg )
Here's 50 & 52 http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/5IMIVK0E/Jolien_50_52.rar_links
50 (pictured) has 48 pics , 3 cropped. 52 has 25 pics ,5 cropped

>> No. 36440
File: 144172883656.jpg - ( 178.77KB , 768x1024 , PIC040.jpg )
I got interrupted during my posting, I see the others are already up. Hopefully these will follow quickly.
These are 49 & 63. Both are very good (partial) sets. Too bad there isn't more pics.
Pictured set 49 has, unfortunately, only 22 pics (5 cropped). At 19 pics - 4 cropped - set 63, sadly,has even less.

>> No. 36441
File: 144172896960.jpg - ( 185.55KB , 768x1024 , PIC037.jpg )

>> No. 36442
File: 144172924012.jpg - ( 179.54KB , 768x1024 , PIC091.jpg )
This is set 51. It has 40 pics, 10 of them cropped. Looks like it had 100 originally

>> No. 36444
File: 144172947923.jpg - ( 200.28KB , 763x870 , pic019 - .jpg )
Last is a misc file with a set with her & another girl & the cropped pics from the 1st set.This pic is one of those

>> No. 36458
File: 144174679092.jpg - ( 163.14KB , 768x1024 , PIC044.jpg )
Something I should have mentioned is that, prior to getting the recent torrents, I found a site with 60 Jolien sets & 18 videos for download.
Unfortunately, a premium account is required. I found torrents for several other sets & all the vids, but none of those have started.
I think there's caps from a vid in the misc. folder.
So, if any torrents finish or dead ones start up or I decide to get a brief premium account, I'll come back & add to this thread.
from 52

>> No. 37182
hi guy depending on the host you can download it without problems even without premium account.
search on the internet sites that generate premium links (Premium Leecher - Premium Link Generator) for free there are several, and some you have not even need to register

>> No. 37412
File: 144243163730.jpg - ( 133.64KB , 1024x768 , pic029.jpg )
Almost missed your post. Thanks, I hope I can make good use of of your info

>> No. 37443

Premium Leecher requires that you disable your Adblocker - never a smart thing to do.

>> No. 38026
I use premium leenchers a long time without problems, and if you do not want to disable adblock install a managing scripts and also install script ANTI-ADBLOCK KILLER, you will not have to disable Adblock

>> No. 38078
I noticed there's several. Each working with a different group of hosts. Jolien's stuff was on a rather obscure site, so I hadn't found one that specifically applies.(except one that you pay for, but it works with dozens of hosts)
I'm generally loathe to disable Adblock. Perhaps not all of these require you to.
There are some things, I've come across recently that I'd like to try this with. Its just a matter of finding the items again. Usually, I just say "screw it", when I see a premium acct is required

>> No. 38138

yeah i made the mistake of not using adblocker. i did have a pop up blocker but i was still inundated by pop up ads, including those terrible ones with the ladies voice saying that i have a virus and it doesn't let me close the window. worse yet the downloads usually stop after it's half done and the whole file is corrupted.

i don't plan on using that slimy ad spammy premium leecher bs anymore. the speed bump isn't that much better (300 kbps compared to the normal 200 kbps big deal) and it's not like i'm going to be downloading gigabytes of crap anyway like some people here.......

>> No. 42728
File: 144740561754.jpg - ( 154.64KB , 768x1024 , jolien40_pic030.jpg )
Well, one of my Jolien torrents came to life, after 2 months & got to about 72%. This is part sets 40 & 41.

I checked out the various Premium Leecher options & couldn't find one for the obscure site; with Jolien's collection. At least not a free one. There's one you have to pay for; that is supposed to work on dozens of sites.
For me, its not about speed; but being able to access restricted files.
Anyhow, this pic is from set40. It has 29 pics (about 1/2 the set). There's 3 pics, that I cropped a small bit off the bottom.


>> No. 42729
File: 144740594463.jpg - ( 182.62KB , 768x1024 , jolien41_pic067.jpg )
This is a picture from Jolien's set 41. There's 45 of 110 pics. 3 or 4 have a small bit of cropping.

>> No. 42752
Thanks for the effort bro.
Had only seen one set from JOLIEN, school 62pics before, I think she's from Belgium from memory.

>> No. 42758
hi & thanks,Jolien is someone i've only seen a pic of posted here and there until now

the set with Jolien + other girl??
could the other girl go by the name Ann or Anne???
i'm not sure but think i've seen a pic posted somewhere recently and someone named her Ann or Anne

>> No. 42760
File: 14474406798.jpg - ( 779.56KB , 1200x1600 , Ann-ann086.jpg )
have to say sorry but i've found sets with Jolien
over at OH,found some sets not posted here
btw,the girl i thought goes by the name Ann
it is her name

>> No. 42807
File: 144751186232.jpg - ( 159.23KB , 1024x768 , pic066.jpg )
Well guys, I'm sure happy to see the positive feedback on my latest Jolien posts; as well as info re: Ann etc.
Jolien has certainly proven to be fairly popular. (4000 downloads on this pictured set, alone)

>> No. 42822
i've found 1 pic the 1st posted in the thread btw:)
lost everything with jolien some time ago....

as in >>42758 & >>42760 my posts,never thought i'd found where i've seen jolien....
did you find the sets at OH??
can post them if you'd like,it's CD01 and some others
AND thanks for the jolien sets

>> No. 42970
Oddly enough, The 1st set I got (1st pic), I stumbled upon. As in all the others, it was via torrent. Except, because its probably mislabeled (263), I thought it was something else. It was mixed in with other stuff, I was looking for.
The others, I got while looking for her stuff. None of the torrents have finished, but as you see, I've been able to at least get decent portions of several sets. I've got several other torrents sitting on 0. Maybe like 40+41, they'll come to life eventually. I've got a video torrent too.
If you have any sets of Jolien, other than these, by all means post them, if you can. Also, if you have full sets of any like 49 & 63>>36440 >>36441 nice sets, that are missing a lot. Thanks

>> No. 43073
as far as other then the CD01 to CD05 & I've got them recently,have nothing else with Jolien...
a pity really,cause some time ago I actually had at least 40 sets but no vids.
lost it and a lot of other from similar era
no sets other then you've posted here AND they made me very grateful

If I've got it right my CD sets would be welcome
I'll be away a couple of days but will pick the CD01 to CD05 together,when time and so on.....
thanks again for Jolien

>> No. 43718
File: 14485263159.png - ( 311.22KB , 1366x768 , Captura de Tela (5).png )
for the defenders of adblock, who posted up
recently installed Palemoon browser because the grabber imagehost No more support for Firefox in the coming year.
When I was INSTALLING adblock the navagador not allowed it to be turned on to be recognized as a malware, and causing intabilidade

>> No. 43734
For the Palemoon browser, you want the Adblock Latitude addon:

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